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Case Studies & Testimonials:

Anxiety & Depression

Just about a year ago I reached out to Dr. Melissa. I had just got out of the hospital for the 5th time in a year. I was suffering from severe, debilitating anxiety and panic attacks as well as severe depression and suicidal ideations.

I had tried just about every traditional medical treatment including 30 sessions of ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy) with very little to no lasting results. I was desperate and had very little hope left.

Dr. Melissa shared with me an alternative approach that I had not tried before. Instead of treating my diagnosed diseases and symptoms she told me she would do extensive tests to find out if my body functions were out of balance. And if any functional imbalances were found she could offer me safe and natural treatment options that could start helping my body function better. It made perfect sense so I gave it a try.

Even before my test results were in she recommended some things to help my body heal and they immediately started helping.

After only 6 weeks of being on her protocol the anxiety and depression went away completely and I was able to go back to work.

Now, fast forward one year and I have zero anxiety and depression, my life is better then ever and those days of such horrible suffering seem like a distant dream.

I am so tremendously grateful for all the loving help and guidance that Dr. Melissa gave to me, I feel that she gave me my life back.

Thank you Dr. Melissa you are an amazing skilled and compassionate doctor and human being.

-Eric H.
1.  Kevin C.  presented with a large growth on his nose. 
June 1st

2.  He had the growth  burned off. 
July  10

3.  Growing back  very aggressively. 
July 30

4.  He began using our  CBD Oil topically. 
August 11

5.  Continuing CBD Oil - Growth is shrinking. 
August 27

6.  Continuing CBD  Oil - Growth is nearly gone.  September 3

7.  Growth  completely gone.
September 18

Lyme Disease:
This has surpassed any other protocol I have previously attempted for Lyme disease and I have Dr. Melissa Arnold to thank for this.  My journey has not been easy given my associated co-infections. 

I started noticing the benefits the very first day I started taking the CBD oil. On the first day, my anxiety diminished to a point where I could have normal conversations and interactions with people. Anyone with Lymes understands the neurological struggles associated. 

In continuing, I noticed more and more changes each day.  I am able to concentrate, think clearly, and articulate my thoughts – just like I could do before getting bit.  I never thought I would be able to conquer the neurological issues that come along with Lymes disease and CBD oil has given me hope – more than I have had in eight years. 

Aside from the neurological benefits, my pain has subsided.  Before I started using CBD, my pain was continuous and moved from one part of my body to another, there was no pattern – it was random. After about a week of taking the CBD oil, the continuous piece of the pain bouts went away. 

Another noticeable change for me surrounds my body temperature. I have always had a very hard time with extreme heat.  I have not been able to take hot showers in some time and it is very hard for me to tolerate being outside with temperatures soaring.  Recently, I have found that I am tolerate heat much better and my fluctuations in body temperature have decreased. Also, I do not feel like I am going to pass out upon standing and I can move around with more ease.

Another subtle change that occurred pertains to my eyesight. I was accustomed to dealing with a film that would interfere with my ability to see clearly.  Now that I have been taking the CBD oil, the film has not returned.  Moreover, I traded out my most recent pair of prescription glasses for an older pair that I had not worn in over five years.  I am able to see better with the older prescription vs. the current one. 

One of the most recent changes relates to my food allergies.  I am severely allergic to gluten and have not had it in over three years. I had what I thought were chocolate covered almonds but they were in fact – chocolate covered almond bites and they were loaded with gluten. I didn’t have a reaction! 

In a nutshell, the CBD oil has given me hope that I thought was lost and is changing my life for the better – each day.  I highly recommend this product to anyone with a chronic illness.
True Cellular Detox was one of my best decisions of the year. Detox isn't just for the ailing and unwell. In my case, I started out feeling great and went to an entirely new level of high performance and personal transformation. If you think you have what you need for the journey before you, step into the world of True Cellular Detox and you may just find that life has even more room magic than you ever imagined. I did.

Before my detox I had been running marathon distances, had been casually biohacking for a couple years, I helped develop bleeding edge high-technology, helping bring Microsoft's holographic computing platform HoloLens from research to the market, even to the International Space Station. I have an amazing wife and two children under five. Why detox? I was curious. I just wanted to experience what would happen if I applied all my faculties to truly living the healthiest and fullest and most present life I could be. What might it be like? Does the experience of life plateau? Or does it expand further?

I had lab work done prior to and after the detox. A lot of lab work. I picked out three areas of health I was interested in making progress on: hormones, metals, and metabolism. I picked goals. And, three months later… I knocked it out of the park in two areas. It appears things went better in other areas of my life, as I got a promotion. But, more importantly, I get a much greater sense of connection and comradery with my wife and children (priceless). If that wasn't enough, even stranger… perhaps more extraordinary things started happening… I started to collaborate on projects with my favorite authors, business leaders, and heroes. And, curiously, I started to discover more time and space in my life. I went from reading a book a month to reading about 6 books a month. I had more time for spiritual growth and contemplation. All from a detox!?!? Strange. Isn't it?

I've been so convinced TCD was a critical part of those transformations that I've been working with individuals who are facing health challenges and steering them towards TCD to help preserve the best of them. But, for all of us, there is something to be gained from TCD. I dare you to see what happens when you throw yourself into being as full, whole, and healthy as you can be. You may just find that for every drop you give, you get a bucket in return.
A huge thank you to the team Revelation Health.
-Michael Ebstyne
Seattle, WA
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